Client Testimonials

Heather Tutton, Teresa Rogers' Client had this to say of her experience at the Fitness Clinic:

"Fitness Clinic of Indy is by far the best gym I've worked out at. The entire staff is friendly,  knowledgeable and encouraging.   My trainer, Teresa is amazing!  She uses the perfect blend of firmness and understanding to constantly push me to do things I simply would not have the confidence or motivation to do on my own.   Each time I come in it's a different workout and there is such a wide variety of equipment in the gym that I am always challenged and never bored.   I love that each workout is tailor made for me.   If you want to succeed in losing weight, get in better shape,  or just mix up your exercise routine I strongly suggest checking out Fitness Clinic of Indy!"


 David Louden another client of Trainer Teresa Rogers

"I have been working out and training at the Fitness Clinic of Indianapolis for over 12 years.  For the last four years, Teresa has been my trainer.  She is an outstanding motivator and her training regime keeps me performing at a much higher level in the endurance sports I participate in than I could manage on my own.  In fact, her workouts are an endurance sport on their own.  I always look forward to my workouts -- they are challenging, varied and on target for my needs. Teresa is adept at identifying those areas, such as balance or flexibility, that may need a little fine tuning. Training at FCI with Teresa enables me to continue to be competitive in demanding physical activities.  She is the best -- I wouldn't change trainers for anything."

Trainer Travis Inman,

Client: Arlene Benning says:

"Travis is my first trainer ever, because I could not afford one Before I did on my own.  Travis has educated me a lot on getting in shape. He always tell me 6 small meals and drink lots of water, protein drinks and keep moving. He really keeps trying to remind me that I don't need a lot of space. We have a tease between us, he will ask did you do your ABC'S Today! this helps my ankle to get stronger and get better motion in the foot, Would you believe it really has help, I had to get out of the building to a threat in the building and I could not stay in the stairwell like several of us usually do, we had to walk down 3 flight of stairs, and I made it! My ankles held up and I could continue to walk several blocks.  I will be working my ABC'S Forever! I also have a bad shoulder do to my torn  rotator cuff,  I have so much more strength in my right arm reaching over my head and up. Travis always ask do you have any pain or is that to heavy . he also tells me good job, and keep working your arms and ankle exercise's. This is the best 3O Minutes work out I have had in my life. I have only been coming to the gym since March. I had on a pair of jeans I have nit had on over several years Yeah! I truly can tell the difference with the hanging of my clothes , and I have lost the pounds . My cancer doctor was so happy to see I have enough energy to start working out. And it will make me feel so much better.  I can hardly wait to go to my doctor's for my annual physical and see how my sugar readings, high blood pressure and weight are doing! I will be giving you an update at the end if the month."


Trainer Travis Inman client Hannah Wannemuehler had this to share:


"My fitness journey started last spring [2013]. I have been overweight for the majority of my life, although I was active and played sports growing up. My weight really began to increase when I was in college and I paired bad eating habits (fast food on the daily) with less and less activity. As I graduated college and began working in a high stress job, I continued running to unhealthy choices to deal with my stress. Finally, seeing my habits were taking a toll on me mentally and physically, I made a decision to join a gym early last year and ultimately began working with a trainer, Travis. When I started I knew little about how to use any of the gym equipment, let alone what an actual workout and a healthy diet looked like. Through working with Travis I was able to gain the tools I needed to understand the benefits of strengths training, begin workouts tailored to my level, and realize that straight cardio isn't the only form of exercise out there (thank goodness!). The other valuable thing Travis taught me is the importance of what and when I eat. Not only has eating more wholesome foods (yes I eat veggies now!) and a balanced diet allowed me to lose body fat and build muscle, but I have more energy and feel mentally, physically and spiritually better than I have in a long time. The most important thing I have learned throughout the last year is that being healthy is not a one time decision, but one that is a continual commitment made daily through small choices. And those small choices eventually have a big impact- I am now down 65 lbs, have run my first 5k ever and am continuing to work towards my personal fitness goals."



Stacey says: "I had been working out for about a year without results when I decided to get help. I have chronic pain and a spinal cord stimulator and had major muscle atrophy in my leg. Having the stimulator has left me with a fear of falling.  This is something that Travis has helped me to overcome. I am now able to do exercises that I always said I'd never be able to do. He has been patient and willing to help. He has educated himself on my issues to help him better understand what I am going through with my pain and to know what my limitations are. He has also helped me to make better decisions with my food choices.  He has taught me how to read labels and what to look for.  I am finally shedding these unwanted pounds.  Travis encourages me, pushes me, praises me, laughs with me and cheers me on. He is so much more than just a trainer to me. He is one of the special people that has been brought into my life to help strengthen me physically and mentally and bring me through a devastating chapter in my life.


Meg get's stronger:

"I have been training with Travis since September of 2013. He has been instrumental in building my strength in preparation for my Crossfit competitions. He listens to me and has designed a program to fit my needs. He has worked around my difficult work schedule in order to accommodate my training. Travis understands how important moving weight coupled with endurance is, and has incorporated cardio routines as well as weight with endurance into my schedule. My Crossfit performance has rapidly improved and I and my teammates are consistently advancing to finals.
He is extremely knowledgeable about supplements aimed at improving performance and recovery, and has been available outside of training times when I have had questions or concerns regarding proper nutrition. Travis has always answered any question I have had from type or brand of recovery drink to BCAAs to Creatine calculations. He has definitely helped me take fitness to the next level!"


Here's what Dave & Jeanne have to say about their Trainer Debbie Moore:


"We didn't know what to expect at first from a personal trainer. We just knew we wanted to be fit and active grandparents. Debbie at Indy's Fitness Clinic has individual plans for both of us to focus on what we
need to maintain our active lifestyle and activities. What we do each time varies but the focus for us is always on what we need most- core, balance, flexibility and stretching. Debbie is fantastic and we couldn't
be more pleased. Thanks Debbie"

Carol McKown another client of Debbie Moore says:

I had nine months until my daughter's wedding.  I was fat, out of shape, and needed help!  With the support and training of Debbie Moore and the Fitness Clinic, I lost 15 pounds, 13.25 inches and 6.4% body fat.  I gained 2.75 pounds  of muscle and took 8 years off my body age.  Not only did I look great for my daughter's wedding, I also felt great!  Thank you Debbie Moore and the Fitness Clinic!

Michelle Bailey's clients Karen & Elisabeth Schumacher:

"I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how glad I am that we found you.  Elizabeth will turn 15 in a couple of weeks and has struggled with being overweight for probably 8 years. Now that she is in high school, she has become more and more self conscious of her weight.  We changed our eating habits over a year ago but, as you know, the weight had not dropped off as she and I had hoped.

My own struggle of increasing weight has made me so frustrated, that I could sometimes, "scream".  I have hated exercising. I really appreciate how you have managed to give me the right amount of encouragement and understanding, while also a god amount of "push."

My dear Elizabeth has been a challenge for you, I know. She admitted to me, though, that she knows she needs to be more active and now is the one who says, "come on, Mom, treadmill time." I believe that you having us use different machines, "attacking" different parts of our body, each time we see you, has been the key to her attitude change. She no longer says things like exercise is boring and dumb. It used to be sooo difficult to get her started, but now she feels better after working out with you and so exercising at home has become easier too.    In addition to Elizabeth, I also feel healthier. Thank you. We know we have a long way to go, but I am determined to stop being diabetic, and Elizabeth is determined to be skinnier. Thank you also for your dietary tips in addition to the workout program.  I do not expect to look like you did last March, but I look at that picture periodically, and I will never forget you  climbing three steps at a time, at nine months pregnant...!!!! and that continues to motivate me....... Thank you again" To see Michelle's bio follow this link

Here's a testimonial from trainer Enrique Ramos' client Sherry:

My Fitness Journey

I am 62 years old.  Over the past 30 years I have been challenged with an addiction to sugar, which often happens to people who are emotional eaters and who suffer from cycles of low self-esteem.  Over those years I became a master at yo-yo dieting.  I have tried every diet on the planet, tried physician supervised weight loss programs and spent thousands of dollars on gym memberships, gym equipment, and exercise DVD’s.  Utilizing all of those resources I systematically gained and lost more pounds than I can count and reached an all-time high of 243lbs.  I was pre-diabetic, had high cholesterol and had borderline high blood pressure.  I could not climb two flights of stairs without becoming winded and light headed.

Three years ago I embarked on yet another New Year’s resolution and joined a gym and paid for 10 weeks with a trainer.  I had used trainers in the past but I had no idea what a real trainer was until I met Enrique Ramos.  After working with him for 10 weeks I experienced someone with knowledge of exercise physiology, detail to correct form, and the ability to actually sculpt a body.  He became personally dedicated to my success.  I knew right away he was the key to me finally being able to conquer my weight/fitness problem.  We formed a partnership that has evolved into a friendship.

You may ask why my journey has taken so long.  It is because I have had to learn to deal with my underlying problem of food addiction and emotional eating.  My biggest obstacle was myself.  It was hard to stay on track and be consistent and eat “clean”.  Enrique never gave up on me providing motivation, encouragement and belief in me when I could not believe in myself.  He has been hard on me when I needed him to be and understanding when I needed him to be.  It was a delicate balance that he learned throughout this partnership.

To date I have lost 60 lbs, my blood pressure is normal, I am off my cholesterol medication, and my A1C is normal.  I am stronger and more fit than I was when I was in my 30’s.  I am able to jog 1 ½ miles and can do 1,000 meters on the row machine in 4 ½ minutes and I love to lift weights.  I am on the last leg of my original weight loss goal and have another 30lbs to go.  I have no doubt that I will get there. Enrique doesn’t allow me to quit!


Here is another testimonial from Enrique's client Elanie:

I have known Enrique Ramos for one year.  He has been my personal trainer during this time and I workout with him 3-4 times a week.  Prior to meeting Enrique I trained at Fitness Clinic Indy with another trainer but then I left.  I met Enrique there at Fitness Clinic Indy and knew he trained others using boxing.  It was when I broke my knee cap in February 2013 followed by surgery and a brace, that I thought I would never workout like I was used to.  Working out is my passion, my hobby and a big  part of my lifestyle.  When I was allowed flexion  in my brace I contacted Enrique to start boxing.  I needed to do some cardio and regain my strength.
Enrique, began working with me and I knew immediately that the fit was right. The timing was right.  Week by week, month by month I have gained back my strength and have gotten stronger.  I have full range of motion in my knee.  Enrique knew exactly what exercises to begin with and to add to get to each stage of my recovery.  Because of Enrique I did not need physical therapy.  He has always said  to me, ''You'll get there'', and I have.

I know that Enrique juggles many roles,  student, businessman and trainer.  He manages to excel at all these roles.  It is his dedication, attention to detail, and desire to succeed that has enabled him to continue to do so.

If it was not for Enrique's  patience, positive attitude, judgment and experience I would not be pushing myself, believing in myself and doing things I thought I would never do again.

I am thankful to Enrique for making this years journey a positive and enjoyable experience while working hard. I know he will continue to make a difference in the lives of others.

Stephanie Blackwell's clients have only positive things to say about her:

Bio Link @

Donna Dellen:

Stephanie Blackwell has been my trainer for over 6 years.   We meet 3 times a week and the workout is never the same.   She always keeps the hour interesting and at the end of that hour I know I have worked out all sections of my body!!   I walk away feeling good about the time and money I have spent. She is also a part time Therapist and full time friend as we tend to solve all the worlds problems… and a few of mine during a workout!!    I enjoy my time with Steph and wish I could workout every day with her!!!

Georgianne Kent:

Stephanie B. has been my personal trainer for several years.  I can highly recommend her.  She is extremely knowledgeable about the body and creates a tailormade workout for individual. She is very personable and makes a workout challenging and yet fun.

Kristi Southard:

I met Steph Blackwell in September 2012 through a mutual friend. Our friend decided to enter a fitness competition and chose  Steph to train her.  I couldn't believe the transformation in such a short few weeks..  I was so impressed I hired Steph to be my personal trainer.Within the next few weeks, my body really started to transform.I couldn't be any happier with the lean, beautiful body I have now.   It's all from training with Steph.  Steph is a wonderful person and I very honored to call her my friend.I would highly recommend Steph.


Carly L:


All of my experiences with Stephanie were great!  She really knows her stuff and how to put my muscles to the test!  As an athlete,  I love a good challenge, and she gave that to me.  She does a great job pushing you and encouraging you.  If you have goals for yourself,  Stephanie can help you succeed.


Alana W:


Let me begin to say Stephanie Blackwell is just more than a personal trainer. She is an absolute amazing person from within and her proven track record in training has delivered life long results for many, including myself.. I've been in fitness for years, trained by many men and women, taken many fitness classes , and never achieved a well toned body as I do today because of Stephanie's well expanded training experience. She is an essential part of my life in many ways and always look forward to seeing her.


Holly Kirsh:


I have had the honor to be personal training client of of Stephanie B.Being a previous club owner and personal trainer, I have witnessed many  personal training styles. Stephanie brings a unique approach to her clients . She not only makes you feel comfortable and unimtimi dated, but is 100% committed to seeing her clients reach their goals. She  not only shares the nutritional information that is essential to move to the next fitness level ,but she focuses on developing her female clients to  become lean, Whereas, many trainers focus on strengthening their clients by adding size. She also takes a compassionate interest in the personal lives of her clients!


Maggie M:


Stephanie is wonderful! I needed her professionalism, experience, and personalized motivation to recover my post baby body.


Toni Sprague:

Stephanie Blackwell is a wonderfully accomplished and caring trainer; more than that, she is the best ‘life coach’ I've ever met.  Since I began to train with her, I've been able to walk taller, achieve my weight goals and generally have become more fit than I thought possible.  She is irreplaceable in my daily life.

Morgan M:


I started working out with Stephanie about 5 months ago and I literally cannot imagine my life without her now. There is one word to describe this woman..and that is INCREDIBLE. She knows exactly what a female body needs. I can honestly say that I have never felt better about myself. I have been to many trainers in the past but none of them were able create the results that I wanted like Stephanie has. For the first time in my life I am able to see that with a little bit of work I can get those Hollywood arms and stomach. I am 24 years old and I came to Stephanie with a lean frame that definitely  needed some work.  I wasn't toned at all. And she has been able to tone every inch of my body but at the same time continues to keep me lean. Not only has Stephanie changed my body but she has changed my life. I feel so confident and I am not scared to try anything new.  Beyond the fact that Stephanie is such an amazing personal trainer...she is one of the most genuine, kind, caring, and positive human beings I have ever met. She is a friend. I feel so blessed that I have the opportunity to work out with Stephanie on a regular basis. I cannot say enough positive things about this woman. She is truly one of a kind.


Dixie McKean:


I have been training with Stephanie B. for a couple years. She does a great job of mixing things up to keep it interesting and to keep me motivated. She is always coming up with new things that I would never think to do on my own. Stephanie is always very knowledgeable about nutrition and general health trends too and is very helpful in making suggestions to help me better myself. In addition to that, she is just a nice person and it is always fun to spend that hour working out with her!


Sherry C:


Stephanie Blackwell is an excellent trainer.  With Stephanie you receive attention and direction not only training one's body but tutelage on nutrition,  other forms of exercises, stretches, running and the exercise of the mind.  She understands when to push one and when to not. I would recommend Stephanie to anyone looking for an excellent trainer!


Bob M:


I have been routinely working out with Stephanie Blackwell, a Personal Trainer at the Fitness Clinic, for several years. She is very knowledgeable in the most up to date training techniques and has been very helpful for me to maintain a good level of physical fitness, especially given my age. The facilities and staff at the Fitness Clinic are outstanding. I would highly recommend Stephanie and the Fitness Clinic to anyone.


Shelly Courtney:


I have worked out with Stephanie for over 15 years. She has always been able to design my workouts to fit my lifestyle. Stephanie is the type that takes your success to heart and will go the extra mile to help you achieve your goals physically and mentally!


Kathleen M:


Stephanie Blackwell is a truly excellent trainer. She is so very knowledgeable and knows exactly how to work you out based on your individual needs. She works with the whole person..meaning not only physically but also mentally and emotionally.  When I started working out with Stephanie I felt like I had found someone that I have know for my whole life. She knows the female body like the back of her hand. She knows what works and what doesn't work for a woman. My body has never felt and looked as good as it does now. Thank you Stephanie.


Barbara McNeeley:


Stephanie Blackwell is not only a wonderful personal trainer, but a fantastic person who genuinely cares.  I have been training with Stephanie for 11 years.In addition, The Fitness Clinic provides a relaxed atmosphere in which to work out.  And, the equipment is excellent.


Mary Jo Rattermann:


I have been training with Stephanie Blackwell since 2007. She is an extraordinary trainer, and makes every hour spent with her both healthy and fun.   Each week, she determines my strengths and weaknesses and what I need to get out of my workout. Most importantly,  she listens to me and always designs my workout around what I like to do and what I find effective. Plus she's just a lot of fun to be around!  Steph is remarkably good at providing her clients with a workout that fits their needs and helps them reach their goals. Finally, Stephanie is not just a personal trainer-- she works with you to improve your lifestyle as a whole, providing information about diet, nutrition and all around wellness that is invaluable.


Kay S:


Two words describe Stephanie Blackwell, my personal fitness trainer: professional and caring. Stephanie’s focus is 100% about her client. After determining your  individual needs and goals, she then designs a specific program for you, encompassing all aspects of technique, form and injury prevention. Stephanie is encouraging  and motivating, but demanding as she  works through the plan she has designed for you. You leave a session with Stephanie knowing you have taken serious, important steps towards improving your level of fitness, your overall health and that you have worked towards achieving your personal goals.     Stephanie’s commitment defines your success.


Maria M:


Stephanie is a great trainer. I had been used to running 5 miles a day so was feeling pretty strong-but the challenging sets of workout intervals were so intense they made running seem so easy! She was able to do strength training and cardio in the same set! She always made us start on time and was very encouraging and motivating even when I felt like complaining and quitting! Loved having her work us! She has a beautiful personality too!


Lisa K:


Stephanie Blackwell is by far the best trainer that I have ever worked with. She has a wealth of knowledge regarding fitness with many years of experience and knows exactly what someone needs based on their body type and lifestyle. I truly believe she takes a holistic approach to helping a person be at their best. She considers not just the physical but emotional and spiritual needs of an individual and designs a workout routine that works wonders for them. Steph is a wonderful motivator and makes it easy to want to keep coming back!


Jarin G:


She is the real deal! We first met 8 years ago in a group workout atmosphere. In just two hours a week, she managed to accommodate to everyone's different abilities and circumstances to give every single person results! After she and I both moved on from that particular group, I was looking to get back in shape. There wasn't a question in my mind, I knew who to call!Over the course of these past eight years Stephanie has continued to offer advice, recipe ideas, and a true concern for me as a person. Infomercial workout programs, fad diets/shakes/ supplements...You name it, I've tried it. Each time I find myself going back to Stephanie. She tops them all! If you want the real deal you want Stephanie!


Wendy Pallman:


I have been training with Stephanie for years and she is fantastic!  I am by no means an athlete but she pushes me and changes up the workouts so that it is challenging, interesting AND fun.  After a bad leg break a few years ago, (and a doctor who didn't believe in physical therapy) she kept me going, adjusting my workouts to what I was able to do until I was completely healed.  I am positive that without her help and encouragement I would still be sitting on my couch and/or walking with a limp.  She can also make it possible for me to work out with my very athletic, fit daughter and we both get a great workout.  She knows when to push me but always ensuring that I stay injury free.  Most importantly though, Stephanie makes that hour something that I really look forward to!  I'm working out with a friend!


Mary Murphy:


Before I met Stephanie I was doing the same old thing and getting the same old results. I was ready for a change.  Upon meeting with Stephanie she listened to my goals, assessed my diet, made some simple suggestions and from there we got to work. My weight and body fat were measured at this time as well. After 4 weeks of conscious eating and personal training sessions with Stephanie the desired goals were taking shape. The mirror & scale were showing the change I desired :) Stephanie's wealth of knowledge and tailored workouts have provided me results I could not have achieved on my own.


Carolyn L:


Stephanie B has been my personal trainer for several years. She is an excellent motivator and trainer. Stephanie varied my workouts so as to avoid boredom. She did this in a way that she was also able to pin point areas of greatest need. It is a tribute to her that she has many faithful clients who have stayed with her for many years. I value the years I spent with her and recommend her highly.


Regina D:

I was never one for working out.  Stephanie changed that. She is never judgmental or harsh – that would have driven me away. Our sessions fly by like time with a supportive friend who is there to offer encouragement and information.  My endurance improved quickly and continually.  I built up muscles I didn't even know I had.   And the results are great!

Pam K:

Stephanie has been my trainer for several years.  She is a relaxed, friendly and knowledgeable trainer who creates workouts that have given me the confidence to challenge myself.  She is encouraging and always aware of my wellbeing, both physically and mentally.  I am stronger and healthier because of my time with her and look forward to our sessions every week.  Stephanie truly cares about her clients and their success.  If you are willing to put in the work, she is willing to help you achieve your goals.

Karen D:

I have been going to Steph since I was in high school (12 years now), and whenever I am back in Indianapolis visiting my family, working out with Steph is always the first thing I schedule.  I work hard at staying in shape on my own, but my workouts with Steph are how I know whether I have succeeded.  The workouts she designs are always so fun and challenging: they leave me sore for days and give me plenty of unique ideas to keep me busy when I can't workout with her on a regular basis.  I love going to Steph not only because she pushes me to do my best, but also because of her vast knowledge on all things fitness related.   I feel that I can ask her questions about any range of subjects and I get an honest, well-thought out, and sincere answer.  Mostly, I always be sure to schedule my workouts with Steph because she is much more than a trainer to my family and I, but a good friend who makes my short visits home feel complete.

Pam D:

I have used several trainers over the years.  Stephanie Blackwell was the first one who really tailored workouts to my specific needs.  I have had disc surgery in the past and Stephanie was very careful to watch my form and give me exercises which would be beneficial for my strength and conditioning without causing undue stress on my neck and back.  I consider her not only a great trainer but a dear friend as well.  I would highly recommend her.

Jenny E:

Stephanie Blackwell has truly enhanced my fitness level.  I have been working out at the Fitness Clinic of Indy for a decade now.  I only recently added Stephanie to my weekly regimen.  I have noticed a change in my body by mixing up my weekly workouts with Steph's reformer pilates and floor exercises.  I find her knowledge on the reformer to be extremely helpful in tailoring a workout for my specific fitness goals.  She is very educated in Pilates and it shows!  Her workouts are challenging and FUN!  I love mixing it up with a little bit of barre exercise and floor.  She has a firm understanding of her client's strengths and weaknesses, and is a great role model of disciplined eating and working out.  She keeps me in line mentally, physically, and spiritually.  Truly a total body experience!!