Meet The Trainers

Meet The Trainers


Art Brock

Owner | Personal Trainer

As the owner of Fitness Clinic, Art feels that while his ultimate goals encompass more than fitness training, he still takes pride in helping his clients reach their individual potential. Art realizes that success for his clients begins with him, and he continually seeks complimentary educational opportunities that benefit clients as well as keeping him excited about personal training and therapy. Since taking ownership of Fitness Clinic, Art’s main goal is creating the most beneficial environment for clients to produce the best results. This means that Fitness Clinic is a collaborative environment, with top-notch trainers and clients that are recognized as individuals. Art invites potential clients to come in and experience the refreshing atmosphere of a private personal training facility. Alongside making Fitness Clinic a top-notch facility, Art also achieved certifications in multiple areas including: Ace Personal Trainer, NASM Personal Trainer, massage therapy training, Myofascial Release MFR I and II, Facilitated Stretching, Functional Flexibility, MAT Muscle Activation Techniques, Strategic Muscle Manipulation Techniques and Reiki energy work. For initial client assessment, he uses postural, seated, walking and Functional Movement Screen Techniques. Art looks forward to sharing his experience with all who want to feel, look, and live life pain free and fit.

Teresa (Ruff) Rogers

Personal Trainer

A nursing grad from Ball State and former Div. I gymnast, Teresa (Ruff) Rogers has been in the fitness industry for over 15 years. What keeps her enthusiastic about personal training? She loves to see a client get stronger, look better, and most importantly, FEEL better. Teresa recognizes the many different styles of training and will find the style which fits you and will make your journey to becoming more fit, both successful AND fun. Her certifications include Nautilus and myofascial release. Indoor cycling, weight training, and biking outdoors are just a few ways she stays fit and healthy.


Sam Woodworth

Personal Trainer, FMS Level 2 Movement Specialist, Level 2 Barefoot Training Specialist

With a degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science from Ball State University, Sam has worked with people of all ability levels across the greater Indianapolis area for over eight years.  He is a certified Level 2 FMS professional in addition to being an accredited Level 2 Barefoot Training Specialist.  Sam’s specialties include gait analysis, balance testing, FMS movement screening, strength training, postural restoration, and overall improvement in body awareness.  His attention to detail is unparalleled in sessions with clients, with his primary focus being to educate the client on ways to prevent rather than to treat.  Sam also utilizes state-of-the-art technology to help evaluate foot type, foot strike patterns, propulsion efficiency, and balance on both single leg and bipedal stance.  In 2016, he released his first book, under Penguin Random House, titled “Foam Rolling”, which has become a great supplement for Sam’s Personal Training clients. Above all else, Sam firmly believes that the pursuit of true wellness should be fun and laughter is mandatory at some point in each session.

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Debbie Moore

Personal Trainer

Given her background in track, gymnastics, and dance, trainer Debbie Moore knows the importance of Core Training. Debbie works with clients of all ages and fitness levels to help them reach their goals, get in shape, and stay that way. She will provide you with a varied routine to keep you motivated. You are not limited to Core Training. She combines balance, strength, and flexibility in her programs. Debbie is ACE certified and has Yoga Fit, Resist-A-Ball, Mat Pilates I certifications. Debbie earned her B.S. degree in physical education from Indiana University. She can also help you with your nutritional and at-home fitness needs as a Beachbody Coach.

Enrique Ramos

Personal Trainer

Enrique Ramos, an AFAA certified trainer with over 10 years experience including personal training, boxing, group fitness, body building and boot camps. He was the 2009-2010 Personal Trainer for the Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders. Enrique strives to motivate so you can meet your full potential, achieve your fitness goals, renew your energy level and improve your self-confidence. His energy, excitement, and passion for health and fitness makes him your number one trainer.

Rebecca Horwitz

Personal Trainer

Don’t let her diminutive stature fool you. Personal Trainer Rebecca Horwitz will elevate you to new levels of fitness and finesse. Using her 28 years of experience in the fitness industry, Rebecca’s goal is to redesign your body, improve your internal fitness level and enhance your balance. Rebecca is Ace and Spinning certified. She has a deep understanding of the training techniques that benefit equestrians and scullers. Rebecca wants to help you achieve all of your fitness goals. “I love seeing clients change the way they look, the way they move….seeing them feel terrific after a hard workout is the best!”



Jameson Brock (JB Performance)

Personal Trainer

A recent graduate from Franklin College and previous male athlete of the year in both football and baseball, Jameson Brock has shown to have no problem reaching his goals. With a degree in Health Science and minors in both fitness and coaching, he is determined to help you see and feel results. As he is recently a new addition to the team, it is safe to say he is not new to the business of personal training, being that he has interned and worked at FC of Indy for over 2 years. This being his third year and first being actually a part of the team, he is eager and ready to put his early experiences to work.  Jameson wants to make a living encouraging life style changes, promoting healthy habits, and improving overall fitness levels for his clients. He believes he should be a model for what he is teaching, by continuing to educate himself on the body and how it functions, allowing it to translate over to the individuals that he will train. Jameson goes on to say, “I feel as someone who is going to preach the material should also live by it. By living healthy and eating the right nutrition I can then relate more to clients who want to improve themselves. Being present and having a positive attitude will allow me to help clients succeed. Books can only teach you so many things. It is getting out there and being hands on that gets you better in this field!”


CJ Hall

Personal Trainer

CJ Hall, a graduate from Ball State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and a minor in Interpersonal Relations, has excelled in the personal training and fitness industry for seven years.  CJ’s focus is on innovative training, concentrating on transforming the body and the mind. He believes that everything that people want in life starts with good health.  Along with being CPR certified, CJ has several specialties-


  • Circuit/Interval Training

  • TRX Training

  • Strength & Conditioning

  • Functional Training

  • Small Group Training

  • Senior & Youth Training

Philosophy: “When it comes to fitness, I believe you get out of it, what you put into it.  Your body will treat you the way you treat it.  I truly believe that living an active lifestyle is directly connected to being healthy, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally.”


David Zakutansky

Personal Trainer

Dave has over 15 years experience personal training in the fitness industry.  After graduating from Indiana University with a degree in Kinesiology, Dave served the Bloomington Hospital community by working in Corporate Fitness, Exercise Testing and Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation for ten years.  For the past five years, Dave has focused solely on personal training in the Indianapolis marketplace.  Throughout his career, he has been fortunate to participate in youth football coaching from the CYO level to varsity football.  Dave’s various coaching and training experiences make it possible to develop workouts for any population he encounters in the personal training field.

Samuel J. Blandina

Personal Trainer

Sam has had a lifelong passion for fitness.  He spent the first 28 years of adulthood working in a highly functional environment – as a construction worker.  On the weekends, his friends found him running, swimming and biking, and encouraging them to come along for the ride.  He competed in triathlons for 22 years.   During that time, he completed 110 races, finishing in the top 5 for his age group. At the age of 45, he retired from construction work and at the encouragement of friends, became a personal trainer.   He received his initial certification in 1999 from ACE (American Council on Exercise).  From there, Sam pursued a variety of other disciplines including becoming certified to teach yoga (and went on to teach with over 1500 hours), spinning (Johnny G. certified), and Pilates (IMX Certified Master Trainer). In 2003, he became certified as a CHEK Level I Practitioner, and progressed to Level II in 2006.  With this training, Sam learned to assess and effectively administer individualized exercise programs for all levels of clients, using tried-and-true principles and methodology based on current research as well as clinical experience.   Key components of this training involved the integration of many different modalities including traditional exercise prescription, mind-body fitness, soft-tissue therapies, alternative healthcare and orthopedic rehabilitation.   Sam is also certified as a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach, where he learned in detail about how disease and stress are preventable through healthy eating habits, lifestyle management and appropriate exercise. Since his CHEK training, Sam has continued to educate himself in other ways as well.  He is certified as a Bones for Life trainer (a program for building bone tissue by natural movement).  He is trained in gait analysis and versed in the Feldenkrais Method.  He is also certified in Reiki. Sam has worked as a rehabilitation therapist in conjunction with two of Indianapolis’ finest chiropractors, Dr. Rob Schneider and Dr. Nicholas Jansen.  Specifically, he has had successful experience assisting clients with shoulder, knee and hip rehabilitation. Over the years, Sam has worked with a wide variety of people, from young to old, with the youngest being 12 and the oldest being 91.  He has created athletic programs for clients needing specialized exercises to deal with a wide range of issues, including:  fibromyalgia, cancer, multiple sclerosis, pain relief (low back pain specialist), ataxia, and coronary issues. Call Sam today to get started with a fitness assessment and a unique program designed for you!

Travis Inman

Personal Trainer

Hello! My name is Travis Inman. I am a very skilled nationally accredited Personal Fitness Instructor here at the Fitness Clinic.  My specialty is developing the highest level of physical and mental health. If you possess a goal I can help you accomplish it. With structured and progressive fitness programs and skilled nutritional guidance, all my clients have the opportunity to attain superlative 24-carat results including:

  • Developing lean muscle

  • Burning body fat

  • Core strengthening

  • Physical rehab

  • Sports specific prep training

  • And I work wonders in correcting many challenging medical conditions (thyroid, diabetes, etc..)

My philosophy behind success is "No Excuse". If you have a handicap, let me show you how to work with it. If you have a weakness we can strengthen it together. If you have a goal, let me help you reach it!! YOU are worth investing in and owe yourself the results you desire. 

I am more than confident to assist you in attaining YOUR highest level of health and fitness. "No Excuses" let's do it!!

Michelle Bailey

Personal Trainer

Fitness is a lifestyle Michelle has chosen from the tender age of 11 and it has evolved from being an aerobic participant to becoming a Body Fitness Athlete as of 2002. From 2006 to present she has been honored to represent Trinidad and Tobago as a Body Fitness Athlete in national, regional and international Amateur Body Building and Fitness competitions sanctioned by the International Federation of Body Building (IFBB). While pursuing her goals as an athlete, Michelle has also maintained and achieved with excellence her education in Business Management (Honors), Human Resource Management (Post Graduate Degree), and a Master’s in Sport Management. Training as an athlete it was her desire to become a Certified Personal Trainer, which led to the completion of such a certification with the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) in 2007. With an enrichment of studies attained it has been Michelle’s goal to continue to chase one of her dreams in the sport of Body Building and additionally share healthy living throughout the communities she comes in contact with. Her commitment is to encourage communities of individuals willing to follow their passion of achieving healthy lifestyles and maximizing their potential in Fitness and overall Wellness by way of one-on-one training or on-line coaching.


Stephen Boone

Personal Trainer

Stephen is a certified personal trainer who specializes in strength training and corrective exercise. He has been trained by industry leaders and continues to educate himself on the newest studies and factual findings.

Stephen takes a twofold approach to training clients.  First, Stephen believes in correcting and restoring proper movement in his clients to prevent injury and eliminate pain.  Second, Stephen trains his clients in compound exercises that yield superior results for building strength, improving conditioning, and losing body fat. This two pronged approach creates a strong, energetic, nimble, and pain free body that makes everyday life more enjoyable.

For more information about Stephen Click Here to check out his website.


Jessica Strom

Personal Trainer

Jessica is a Certified Personal Trainer, Balanced Body Master Pilates Instructor and Ironman Triathlete specializing in flexibility, mobility and overall sculpting and strengthening of the body. Jessica utilizes her pilates expertise to cross train the body in a format you will not get doing anything else. Jessica has been in the industry for over 10 years and has athletic training experience from industry experts. She is SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment) Level 1 and Level 2 certified and can utilize her education to advance you from post injury recovery to being back in action in no time! Jessica utilizes an entire mind and body approach acknowledging that these two elements need to work together in order to achieve higher levels of success.

For more information about Jessica Click Here to check out her website.


Stephanie Ralston

Personal Trainer

Steph is an ACE Certified personal trainer that specializes in motivation, weight loss, flexibility, accountability, and self-esteem improvements. She approaches personal training holistically, with an understanding that fitness requires a mentality transformation and not just a transformation within the body. Steph has a passion for fun and fitness that is so contagious that you’ll forget that exercise is a WORKout.