Spinning Class

Spinning Class 

WHAT IS SPINNING? Spinning (indoor cycling) is an energy-filled fitness class on stationary bikes. With these special bikes, you control the resistance, making pedaling as easy or as difficult as you choose. With motivating music, your instructor will lead you through a warm-up, through more challenging phases to a period of peak effort, then will take you through a cool down and much-deserved stretch. Our classes last 55-60 minutes.

WHAT DO I WEAR TO CLASS? Because long pants could get caught in the pedals, shorts are recommended. If you have padded bike shorts, these would be an even better option. No special shoes are needed; your tennis shoes will work just fine. For those of you with bike shoes, our pedals fit SPD and LOOK cleats.

WHY DO PEOPLE LOVE SPINNING AT THE FITNESS CLINIC? Indoor cycling is a highly effective workout. And no two classes are ever the same. With over 25 years combined experience, our instructors take pride in keeping things fresh. Because you control your own resistance, spinning is great for all ability levels. We do not judge. Just put your best foot forward, enjoy the pumped up music, and burn those calories!

Monday evening – 6-7 pm
Wednesday morning – 6-7 am
Saturday morning – 8-9 am

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