Where Do I Fit?

Revamp | Youth

Think your child deserves more than recess to get some real exercise? We do too.  That’s why we offer youth-specific workouts to help children and teens succeed. Like a successful career or sound financial planning, the path to lifelong fitness, health and longevity is built on a solid foundation of good habits learned during the influential years of childhood. From shoulder pain to weight gain, our trainers know how to work with young clients, guiding them through the workouts they need to take their personal health and athletic performance to the next level.

Best of all, children reap the benefits of exercise outside the gym, too. Accomplishments in the gym often translate to confidence and a new-found sense of achievement at home and in the classroom—all while balancing those raging hormones.

Reform | Ages 20-29

 What can Fitness Clinic of Indy offer a twenty something in their prime? Balance, actually. More often than not, home workouts gravitate toward the exercises you like, not the exercises you need. This one-track approach to health misses the mark of being a balanced, healthy individual—a key component of your success outside the gym. Don’t worry. Our trainers can help.

By identifying your personal strengths and weaknesses, our staff links you with the exercises you need to get to the next level. Our one-on-one approach puts you first, which means you maximize your return on time and money, spent in the gym. Your trainer also monitors your progress as you improve, allowing you to compete against your biggest opponent—yourself. Whether you’re an amateur or a pro, we guarantee you’ll learn something new every time you visit Fitness Clinic of Indy.

Revive | Ages 30-39

The last thing a busy professional juggling a career, family and the wear and tear of everyday life needs is wasted time—especially in the gym. That’s why our trainers tailor every workout to your body’s needs. Building a fitness plan using the cold hard facts of exercise science, our seasoned staff guides you one-on-one through workouts engineered to pinpoint what you need most, maximizing the efficiency of time you spend in the gym. Best of all, our training sessions help you do more than work up a sweat. Hitting the gym at FCI also amps up your metabolism, releases endorphins, burns calories and reduces stress, all at the same time.

We know you expect results, and we pride ourselves in helping you get there. Our trainers give you the tools to succeed outside the gym, too. Need a simple diet plan to help you avoid those time-crunched calorie binges? Check. How about a morning stretching routine to keep you limber from nine to five? We’ve got that, too.  Not sure when you’ll be able to hit the gym next week? We’ll even send you home with a workout.

Rejuvenate | Ages 40-64

To us, fitness is more than throwing weights around in the gym. It’s a path built on smart, educated choices–choices leading you to a better version of yourself. Whether your perfecting that golf swing, waking up feeling energized and alert, or playing through a pick-up game injury-free, we know how to get you there.

You still need to be pushed hard, but with a different goal in mind. That’s why we do things differently. Our private studio allows you to get the workout you need whenever you need it, without the distractions of a typical gym. Our trainers talk to you before they design your workout, focusing on what your body needs most. And our methods put efficiency and results first, getting you on track to live life the way you want.

Restore | Ages 65+

These could be the best years of your life. Poor health shouldn’t slow you down now. Applied properly, a little exercise can go a long way, especially after retirement. Improved health, fall prevention and even an immunity boost are all found in the gym. We can help you find them.

Our experienced trainers understand older clients and their needs. By training with you one-on-one every step of the way, our staff recognizes what your body needs most. Our trainers have the knowledge to use strength training, cardio workouts, and flexibility exercises to help you feel a little better each time you leave the gym. Each session is more than just an individualized workout with your own trainer, though. It’s a piece of a broader fitness plan designed to produce results, a compounding investment in your own health. You still have your life to live. We’ll help you live it the way you want.

Recover | Special Health/Handicapped

Empathy is underrated. Sometimes, even a one-on-one trainer isn’t enough. Clients recovering from stroke, continuing rehab after surgery or dealing with chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes need professionals who can go the extra mile. Good thing our trainers know exactly what you need.

At Fitness Clinic of Indy, we understand our clients with unique circumstances expect to be pushed just as hard as anyone else in the gym. That’s why our trainers take extra time and care to create a workout to address your needs, getting your body results, and getting your life back on track. You won’t find pity at FCI—just dedicated trainers ready to push you to the next level.